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The NFB has been in classrooms for over 70 years.
Here is how we do it in 2019.

The NFB is re-imagining how we offer our educational content. We place the learner at the heart of the process and provide educators with the necessary tools to help them shift their own practices toward inquiry-based and deep learning approaches. For students, NFB Education provides real-world and hands-on learning experiences that promote critical thinking and global citizenship. We provide media education programs and host events related to current social issues while encouraging learners to create and innovate.

Ocean School

Transforming the way we engage with and learn about the ocean through immersive media

Ocean School is a free, state-of-the-art learning experience that aims to provide learners—the next generation of ocean citizens, innovators, and decision makers—with the knowledge and tools to investigate and design innovative solutions for the accelerating challenges that face the world's oceans. Travel beyond the classroom using virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree cinema, and more, to explore and foster a deep engagement with ocean science. Guided by an onscreen youth explorer, learners join ocean subject matter experts in the field as they work together to tackle some of our most pressing ocean issues.

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360° videos
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Media School

Bringing Storytelling Innovation and Media Production Skills to Learners of All Ages

Media School is a series of online workshops for students and learners of all ages who want to express themselves through media production. Aspiring filmmakers are virtually guided through learning modules geared to the various stages of production. Learners navigate through a series of interactive challenges and activities and then carry out practical production activities either in class, at home, in a library makerspace, or other location.

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Digital Storytelling

Indigenous Voices and Reconciliation

Honouring Indigenous Traditions and Celebrating Indigenous Lives While Helping Teachers and Students Understand Reconciliation and Act On It

The Indigenous Voices and Reconciliation learning experience aims to engage learners in discussions about Canada’s colonial history and its impact on Indigenous communities. Through inquiry, learners interact with media content and participate in activities that are designed around the NFB’s extensive First Nations, Métis, and Inuit film collection. Learners are guided through 13 cycles of knowledge on Turtle Island, following the four medicine wheel quadrants and based on the key themes of Identity: Relationships, Reconciliation, and Self-Determination.

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NFB Learner

Inspired by the CMEC (Council of Ministers of Education, Canada) Global Competencies, NFB Education fosters deep learning approaches that are action-oriented in order to prepare young learners as they face our rapidly changing social, economic and environmental realities.

  • Global citizen

    Global citizen

    I am mindful of the environment and open to diverse world-views. I connect and apply my learnig to the wider community.

  • Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker

    I identify authentic problems, ask great questions and make informed decisions and actions.

  • Lifelong learner

    Lifelong learner

    I set goals, monitor my progress and learn from my successes and failures.

  • creative innovator

    creative innovator

    I use a step-by-step process to design and implement creativesolutions to authentic problems.

  • collaborator


    I strive to work with and learn from others to co-construct knowledge and meaning in physical and virtual environments.

  • communicator


    I communicate effectively and express myself creatively using different tools, styles, formats and digital media.

Building Global Competencies

The programs are designed to meet the needs of 21st century learning and the shift in Canadian K-12 curricula toward learner-centred, inquiry-based approaches to education. The programs are linked to provincial curricula and support existing learning outcomes.

As school systems are being challenged to integrate technology to support new pedagogies and help students develop global competencies to succeed in this ever-evolving digital world, we have focused our efforts on creating learning experiences. These learning experiences will enable teachers, educators, and parents to engage their students and children, and guide them in becoming critical thinkers, creators, and agents of change.

All resources are designed by the NFB’s Education Content team, in collaboration with educators, subject matter experts, and key community collaborators and partners.

Engaging learners through action-inquiry

NFB Education is now providing learning programs and services that will help prepare students for the rapidly changing social, economic, and technological landscapes of the 21st century. We strive to let curiosity guide learning while encouraging critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. The NFB learning experience begins by presenting the participant with a critical challenge that guides their learning and ends with a "take action," whether it is sharing something they've produced or being involved in their community with concrete actionable steps.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom offers students and their teachers the opportunity to collaborate and structure their classes with the Google tools they already know and use. This allows teachers to help students efficiently reach their goals, and enables students to focus on learning and to take action.

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