Films on this site can be streamed free of charge, or downloaded for your personal use for a small fee. We also offer educational works on a subscription basis to schools and institutions.

Our collection includes documentaries, animations, experimental films and fiction. We showcase films that take a stand on issues of global importance that matter to Canadians—stories about the environment, human rights, international conflict, the arts and more.  

We also have a selection of animated films for both adults and children from talented filmmakers such as Cordell Barker, Chris Landreth, Ryan Larkin, Richard Condie, Ishu Patel, Caroline Leaf, and others.

You’ll discover new releases, old favourites and Canadian classics along with works from many of Canada’s legendary directors. We have films for all ages, in both French and English. You can watch films in Standard Definition, High Definition and even 3D.

How to watch films offers a variety of ways for you to discover new films or find your favourites.

You can start watching here with a selection of films designed to introduce you to our collection.

You can also check out our Playlists–films grouped together, by subject matter or theme, by film experts and media personalities.

Our thematic Channels are also an excellent starting point for viewers who are new to the NFB, or wish to get reacquainted with us, or just don’t know where to start in our deep and rich library.


The NFB is committed to delivering these outstanding works to Canadians in every region of the country, and users around the world, on the platforms of their choice. You can watch these films on your smartphone, tablet or connected TV, thanks to our growing family of apps, as well as via partnerships with the world’s leading video portals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make these films accessible to all Canadians. If you have any problems viewing the videos, please let us know here.

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The NFB is working to digitize its entire collection of over 13,000 titles, to make these works accessible as never before and preserve them for the future. This work was begun in 2001 with the help of Canadian Culture Online, a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Today, we’re financing this digitization work internally, without new funding, by finding savings equivalent to 5% of our total budget and investing that in our digital transformation, every year.

Technology was written in Python within the Django environment, PyAMF, Apache and MySQL. The application is hosted on an Ubuntu Linux server. We are using the Pyro video player developed by Turbulent Media


Films are encoded in MPEG 4 H.264 at 56k, 415k and 1000k.

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